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Biomedal increases the number of accreditations by ENAC according to ISO 17025, adding a total of 7 accredited allergens

After the decision made by the National Accreditation Entity (ENAC), Biomedal has achieved to extend the range of its accreditation according to ISO 17025, adding a total of 7 accredited allergens. The international standard ISO 17025 establishes the necessary management and technical requirements that testing and calibration laboratories must accomplish. The main goal of ISO 17025 is to guarantee the quality of the work made by the laboratories, the technical competence and the reliability of the analytical results.

Biomedal had a prior accreditation for the analysis of gluten, casein, beta-lactoglobulin and hazelnut. As a result of the recent expansion of the reach of Biomedal’s accreditation, three more allergens join the previous ones: almond, peanut and ovoalbumin. Therefore, Biomedal currently counts with 7 accredited allergens according to ISO 17025, positioning between the laboratories with most accredited allergens at a national level. In the same way, Biomedal will continue to extend its catalogue of accredited allergens.

A quality analysis of these allergens is extremely important, since they are involved in the main alimentary allergies. For example, tree nuts allergy is one of the more frequent allergies in the population, just as egg allergy, fish allergy and milk allergy. Biomedal offers a professional practice and quality tests in the allergen analysis field.