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Alertox for tree nuts: hazelnut

Tree nut allergy is one of the most powerful and frequent food allergies, in particular, it affects 1% of the population being more frequent in children. Reactions to nuts are severe, especially the first time that the consumer eats nuts without knowing about their allergy, (occurring) having breathing and cardiovascular problems.

Allergens involved in nut allergies belong to what’s known as plant defence related proteins (vicilins, legumins, albumins), which means that if one person is allergic to a specific kind of tree nut, they could probably be allergic to others, even though they come from very different plants. This

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Why do we like crispy food?

In addition to the pleasant feeling, and even if it sounds strange, that we enjoy eating crispy food there is science-based. Frying-up is the most common process to obtain crispy food, however, frying the food involves a risk that we must avoid.
Everybody likes crispy food. Golden French fries, crispy fish and chips… even vegetables are more appealing when fried in tempura batter. When food is crunchy, it triggers a positive response in our brain, while if it’s tough or chewy we usually reject it

The point is that our draw to crispy food is not only matter of

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