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GlutenTox Pro successfully passes the last FAPAS rounds

The GlutenTox Pro kit has successfully passed its evaluation in the last round of FAPAS intercomparative analytical tests. In FAPAS rounds, reference samples which contain a determined analyte at a specific concentration are analyzed with several kits, in order to evaluate each kit’s ability to correctly detect the concentration of that analyte. Specifically, in this last round of tests the capacity of the GlutenTox Pro test for detecting the gluten content in reference samples was evaluated.

GlutenTox Pro is a product developed for the detection of gluten on surfaces and in foods with different composition and level of processing, from raw materials to processed food. It is a quick and easy test that allows the semiquantitative detection of the gluten content in a sample. This test can distinguish if the sample contains a larger or lower quantity regarding four levels: 5 ppm, 10 ppm, 20 ppm and 40 ppm. Besides, GlutenTox Pro has the international certification AOAC Research Institute (AOAC-RI) for foods and surfaces.

In relation to last FAPAS round, they made a test to observe the capacity of GlutenTox Pro kit for gluten detection in two reference samples, each one with assigned gluten content. In particular, the first sample contained a total of 24 ppm of gluten, while the second one had 41 ppm of gluten. The results of the first analyzed sample indicated that the gluten content was more than 20 ppm and less than 40 ppm, i.e., the kit correctly detected the amount of gluten. Likewise, the kit also detected the right gluten content in the second sample, since the results established that the sample contained more than 40 ppm of gluten.

In conclusion, it has been demonstrated that GlutenTox Pro kit is able to correctly detect the amount of gluten contained in a sample, in a fast and simple way.