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GlutenTox Sticks Plus for Reader, the new product of Biomedal for the quantification of gluten content in food and beverages

Biomedal continues with its aim of developing new means to effectively detect the gluten content with a new product launch: GlutenTox Sticks Plus for Reader. It is a new immunochromatographic test that allows the detection and quantification of gluten content in all kind of foods (from raw materials to processed food and/or heat-processed food), beverages and also other consumer products. The gluten detection is carried out in a new format, concretely an immunochromatographic cassette where the sample is applied. The kit includes twelve units of the immunochromatographic cassettes.

GlutenTox Sticks Plus for Reader offers two different options for the reading of the results. On the one hand, the results can be analyzed with the GlutenTox Reader scanner to obtain the gluten quantification of the sample. The GlutenTox Reader is designed for the gluten quantification with the GlutenTox cassettes, based on the combination of a highly sensitive optical detector, an integrated electronic system and an effective data processing system. The quantification potential of the reader ranges from 1 ppm to 40 ppm of gluten. On the other hand, it is also possible to make a visual interpretation of the results, differentiating between a positive result and a negative result. This option provides a semi-quantitative detection of gluten content, since a positive result indicates that the analyzed sample contains more than 1 ppm of gluten and a negative result establishes a concentration under 1 ppm of gluten.

GlutenTox Sticks for Reader is able to detect with highly specificity the toxic fraction of the prolamins of wheat, rye, barley and also some varieties of immunogenic oats that can trigger the immune response in celiac patients. Moreover, the applicability of the test has been validated on a broad range of samples.