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AlerTox ELISA specific for wine

Highly Specific and Sensitive Elisa Sandwich Kits for Quantitative Determination of allergens in Wine

Since July 1st 2012, according to the European Regulation 1266/2010 (EC) all wines placed on the European market shall comply with the labeling rules. The 2003/89/EC directive requests allergen labeling for wine if egg and milk protein were used during the winemaking process and are present at levels of 0.25 mg/L (0.25 ppm) or higher.

For this reason highly sensitive  detection systems are required for the detection of egg and milk residues. The AlerTox Ovalbumin ELISA and AlerTox Lysozyme ELISA are highly sensitive kits  for the detection the ovalbumin and lysozyme quantification residues in wine respectively. AlerTox Casein ELISA is a highly sensitive kits  for the detection of casein in wine.

  • AlerTox Ovalbumin
  • AlerTox Lysozyme
  • AlerTox Casein
  • Specific for Wine Analysis
  • ELISA Sandwich (48 or 96 Wells)
  • Validated for any kind of wine matrices
    (rosé, white and red wines)
  • Method Conform with O.I.V. Requirements
    (International Organization of Vine and Wine)

Alertox Elisa for wine

Wine Manufacturing

The exemption for the wine labeling regarding casein and ovalbumin, according the European Directive 2003/89/EC, has been revoked following the negative Scientific Opinion of European Food Safety Authority. EFSA concludes that wines fined with casein / caseinate / milk products / egg derivates may trigger adverse reactions in susceptible individuals. Thereby, allergen labeling of wines become compulsory from June 2012. In the wine manufacturing process, casein and egg albumin are frequently used as fining agent proteins for the fining of white, red wines and rosé. The European Regulation 1266/2010 (EC) establishes that all wines, placed on the European market or labeled after 30 June 2012, shall comply with the labeling rules. Comission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 579/2012 of 29 June 2012 amending regulation (EC) No 607/2009 laying down certain detailed rules establishes the requirement to indicate any potentially allergenic ingredient on the labelling of any beverages containing more than 1.2 % by volume of alcohol, and especially egg-based or milk-based products used in making wines.

O.I.V. Conformity

The O.I.V. (International Organization of Vine and Wine) through the OIV-COMEX 502-2012 RESOLUTION: REVISION OF THE LIMIT OF DETECTION AND LIMIT OF QUANTIFICATION RELATED TO POTENTIALLY ALLERGENIC RESIDUES OF FINING AGENT PROTEINS IN WINE establishes the following requirements for ELISA test systems: LOD = 0,25 ppm and LOQ = 0,5 ppm. AlerTox kits fulfill, therefore, the requirements of this intergovernmental organization for the detection of ovalbumin, lysozyme and casein residues in wine.  

Recovety Rate Target Protein Detection Limit (LOD) Quantifiquic. Limit (LOQ) Quantifiquic. Range
Alertox Ovalbumin (Ref. KT-5759) 93% – 102% Ovalbumin (Egg white) 4 ppb 25 ppb 25 ppb – 500 ppb
Alertox Lysozyme (Ref. KT-5757) 91% – 100% Lysozyme (Egg white) 2 ppb 25 ppb 25 ppb – 250 ppb
Alertox Casein (Ref. KT-5761) 102% – 103% Casein (milk) 0.05 ppm 0.20 ppm 0.2 ppm – 5 ppm