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GlutenTox Reader

A rapid, quantitative and reliable way to scan your GlutenTox® Sticks Plus

GlutenTox® Reader is designed to scan lateral flow test strips giving quantitative data of the amount of gluten present in the analyzed samples tested with GlutenTox® Sticks Plus. GlutenTox® Reader is small and simple device, light and portable that can be battery powered to increase its portability. This device is a combination of an optic detector with high sensitivity, an integrated electronic system and an effective system for data processing. The reader can be connected to a PC through a USB port to upload calibration functions and to  download the readings/data. GlutenTox® Reader is operated via a single button and is extremely easy to use. The results, together with other data like date, time, test parameter, raw data, product lot, operator ID, etc, are saved in the memory of the reader, and are obtained in few minutes.

producto glutentox reader


The perfect device for the detection and quantification of Gluten during the gluten free processing in food industries

GlutenTox® Sticks Plus contains the G12 anti-gliadin antibody, specific to the toxic fraction of gluten from wheat, barley, rye and oat (unique method to detect oat toxicity). GlutenTox® Sticks Plus is used in some industrial applications: quantification of gluten in food, gluten free food quality control, monitoring of gluten detoxification, and everything related to gluten free food processing: testing food and drinks and even working surfaces.



  • Objectives results
  • Quantitatives results
  • Highly-Sensible method
  • Exact concentration values obtained
  • Storage capacity of 100 scans
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Only one working dilution required
  • Free you from worring about the time

Material provided

  • Reader device:  GlutenTox® Reader
  • Installation CDS: Control and Manager Software
  • Power and USB connection wires
  • Internationaladapters for power connection

How to use

  1. Insert the GluenTox® Sticks Plus test stripcontaining the diluted sample
  2. Press the ‘Start’ Button
  3. Get your quantitative result in PPM in less than one minute

Kit Reference Format
GlutenTox Reader+software AP-5327 1 unit