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GlutenTox Sticks Plus

Quick and Reliable

Gluten detection kit for food manufacturers.

Biomedal GlutenTox Sticks Plus is a rapid gluten detection kit for food and drinks but also for working surfaces. GlutenTox Sticks Plus contains the G12 anti-gliadin antibody that specifically recognizes the most immunogenic fraction of gluten that triggers Celiac Disease.

GlutenTox Sticks Plus is a practical tool for the control of gluten content in your products.


GlutenTox Sticks

  • Detection limit 3 ppm (<20 ppm is considered “gluten free”)
  • Determination of gluten in all kind of foodstuffs
  • Specific to the toxic fraction of gluten from wheat, barley, rye and oat
  • No cross-reactivity with soy, rice or corn
  • Unique method to detect oat toxicity

Industrial Aplication

GlutenTox Sticks

  • Semi-quantification of gluten in food
  • Gluten-free food quality control
  • Trace gluten contamination in food and working surfaces
  • Monitoring of gluten detoxification
  • Implementation and fulfillment of HACCP, ISO 22000, BRC, and IFS compliance

GlutenTox Reader

GlutenTox Sticks Plus

  • Gluten quantification and monitoring of gluten detoxification using

    GlutenTox Reader.

Kit Reference Format
GlutenTox Sticks Plus KT-5340 25 strips
Polyphenol kit* KT-5320 25g
GlutenTox Sticks Plus for Reader** KT-6476 12 tiras

*The polyphenol kit (KT-5320) contains the additive as well as positive (chocolate powder with gluten 10g ) and negative controls (Gluten-free chocolate powder 10g).

**GlutenTox Sticks Plus for Reader is designed exclusively for gluten determination with Reader. The quantification potential of the kit ranges from 1 ppm to 40 ppm.