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OleoTestTM is a colorimetric assay that allows to determine the total polar compounds in frying fats in 2 minutes. It can be used in food industries, restaurants, kitchens, hotels and catering industry, among others.

Oleotest is validated to use with seeds oils (sunflower, corn, peanut, etc.) and coconut oil. A different color scale suministrated by your supplier must be used to measure polar compounds in palm oil. Oleotest can not be used with olive oil as its color interferes with the color of the test.

During the frying process, the fat/oil is exposed to atmospheric oxygen and moisture at high temperatures (over 160 ºC) for a long time; as a result, many chemical reactions take place in the frying fat producing a number of harmful compounds that can favour the appearance of several health problems, such as lung or stomach cancer.


With this is mind, many countries have already made the monitoring of frying fat quality a legal obligation, while others are on the way to do it.

OleotestTM is an innovation because of its accurancy, simplicity of use and also because the result remains stable for several months, allowing the test itself to be kept as registry in the scope of HACCP or Food Safety Systems. The Quality Assurance of the tests is continuously verified by indenpend entities.

Kit Reference Format
Oleotest OL-10 10 units
Oleotest OL-50 50 units